Water Poem II / Alex Reyto

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Water Poem II, by Alex Reyto

Limited Edition Giclée print on 285gsm Hahnemühle Pearl archival photographic paper. This paper is resin-coated with a fibrous feel, and has a satin finish that gives the print a gorgeous oil painting quality.


23cm x 31.7cm, including a 1cm white border. This is an exclusive, limited edition print of 150, sold unframed.

31.6cm x 43.9cm, including a 1cm white border. This is an exclusive, limited edition print of 100, sold unframed.

44cm x 61.4cm, including a 1cm white border. This is an exclusive, limited edition print of 75, sold unframed.

About this print:

Aurigera. River of Gold. Fast flowing mountain river water, frozen by the camera to create an alchemical mineral landscape. Artigue River canyon, Montcalm Massif, Hautes Pyrénées.

“Water Poem II” is part of an ongoing body of work, La Rivière D’Or, by photographer Alex Reyto.

A region rich in untouched wilderness, the department of Ariège spans much of the eastern Hautes Pyrénées mountain range in Southern France. The area is an untamed and ancient natural landscape dominated by pine forests, rocky mountain peaks and valleys. Remote and unspoilt, it is home to deep river gorges, hidden waterfalls and colourful mineral bedrock. Over centuries, nuggets and grains of gold have been collected in its mountain rivers; the latin roots of the name Ariège, ‘Aurigera Flumen’ translate to ‘The River of Gold’.

"For generations, people have come here to get lost, to find themselves and to start afresh. Alexandra and I moved here choosing to escape the exhausting city matrix of both London and Paris. We chased a new life of slowing down, a life with more time to explore and discover, to create and to be wild. La Rivière D’Or was photographed over the summer months of 2020 when COVID was rife across the world and confinement and distancing became the new way of living. Remoteness was our own isolation. Nature was our balance. 

Exploring the river gorges of the Ariège valleys and discovering hidden swimming holes enriched our spirit and became daily practice. It was our new way of life in a natural environment, and in getting lost, we found our own gold in the youthful soul of summer in the mountains.” - Alex Reyto

About the artist:

Alex Reyto is a British/ Canadian photographer whose personal work focuses on her fascination with mental process, primarily memory, perception and discovery. Her photographs are rooted in the natural world and often delve into our individual and spiritual relationship with it from an animistic point of view, exploring nature’s messages poetically and with a cinematographic perspective.

She holds a joint honours BA in English and Media Communication from The University of Liverpool and has studied history of photography and photography theory at Ryerson University in Toronto, though is mainly self-taught. After living and working in Toronto and London, Alex currently lives in the wild Ariège region of the French Pyrènèes.

Read more about Alex here 

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