Toby Mitchell

Toby Mitchell is an award-winning British photographer and author from Bath, England. His work spans across advertising, editorial and personal projects, with a unique style that exudes warmth and clarity.

Toby’s eye for detail and his clean, minimalist approach has led to a diverse range of global brand and agency clients such as Anglepoise, Facebook, Eurostar, Made Thought, Soho House and Moët Hennessy. In his personal work, Toby is inspired by everyday moments in the world around him to create minimalist, visual narratives of the places he visits.


What or who most influences your work?

- Gosh - so many things. My ‘eye’ has been influenced and informed by so many outstanding photographers that I’m so thankful for; Art Streiber, Rich Stapleton, Brooke Holm, Finn Beales, Jonathan Gregson, Benjamin Hardman, Annie Leibovitz, Justin Chung are a handful that initially come to mind. 

Everyday, although it sounds horribly cringe, I feel compelled and inspired by the world around me; the sound the rain makes on the window on a coffee shop in December, the way the sun moves across my house - especially in the evening, the air that clears my mind and makes my eyes water on a walk in the countryside on my walks at the beginning and end of the day. Almost without intention to recognise these things around me, I notice them and it all informs my desire to create and what I think makes a beautiful picture.

Describe your photographic style for us in three words

- Observational, clean and warm.

Where is the most inspiring place you’ve travelled to and photographed in your career so far?

- I hate myself for saying this, because it’s so predictable, but I cant’t deny the impact it had on me…Iceland. I’ve never been to a place where you drive around and because of its vastness, there is no ‘noise’ anywhere. It was surreally tranquil and of course, stunning in every capacity. A playground for a photographer.

If you could own a print by any photographer, whose would it be and why?

- Easily a photo from Jonathan Gregson’s trip to Namibia - his landscape photos he took from a helicopter were absolutely mind blowing.

What has photography taught you about the world?

- That there’s a big world out there. A three hour flight can drop you in a totally new culture which can be intimidating at first. In turn, this has taught me to be more open minded and be conscious of the respect I'm showing people in new places I visit. As of 2020 too, I’ve been reminded of what a privilege it is to be able to travel.

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Top to bottom: "Southern California 1", "New York City 1", by Toby Mitchell