Stephanie Alcaino

Born and raised in Sydney, Australia to immigrant parents, Stephanie Alcaino spent most of her childhood finding a way to articulate her unique tri-cultural identity through the homogenous lens of one culture.

It is because of this journey, authentic identity plays an important role in the undertone of Stephanie’s work. Her own personal journey of self-diaspora led her to uncover that diverse identities and perspectives are most powerful when they are understood through their unique esoteric intersections. Stephanie is passionate about the potential to unlock hidden narratives that are often left unvoiced.

The ephemerality of moments are often saturated with thought and meaning. There is something deeply noble in the antiquity of imagery whose narratives offer some form of context to human existence.

What or who most influences your work?

- I am fascinated by stories of others, their lives, cultures and perspectives can help people gain a fuller picture of the world we live in. I gain access to narratives through travelling, working with others and reading a lot of books.

Describe your photographic style for us in three words

- Majestic, purpose-driven, peaceful

Where is the most inspiring place you’ve travelled to and photographed in your career so far?

- I am absolutely in awe of Kenya, it is one of the most beautiful places I’ve experienced.

If you could own a print by any photographer, whose would it be and why?

- It would definitely be a print by Gregory Colbert. There is such emotion behind his imagery. I’m drawn to the unvarnished connection between his subjects.

What has photography taught you about the world?

- Photography has taught me that our world is filled with many diverse realities, perspectives and narratives; where each one can teach you something new about yourself and the way in which you perceive your world.

This reoccurring contemplation and acculturation of my mindset continuously to shapes and humbles me as a human being and challenges me to encourage others to do the same.

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Top to bottom: "Millennial Monks 02", "Millennial Monks 03", "Millennial Monks 01" by Stephanie Alcaino