Poppy Hollis

Poppy Hollis is a photographer based in the UK, between London and Kent. She shoots travel, portraits and interiors.

Her uplifting photography has appeared in titles including VOGUE ITALIA, Harper's Bazaar, Suitcase and Grazia and commercial clients include Missoma and Bvlgari.


What or who most influences your work?

- I am influenced spontaneously and very differently by each and every destination I visit: the culture, language, climate, food, colours, sounds and smells a sensory journey that I try to capture in my images, and of course, it’s all about the moment.

Describe your photographic style for us in three words

- Vivid, hopeful, ethereal

Where is the most inspiring place you’ve travelled to and photographed in your career so far?

- I think Iceland and India. I don’t like to choose as everywhere is so special in its own right. But if I had too Iceland for its obvious natural beauty, it feels as though you have been transported to another planet; and India for its colour and chaos. Both so different and wonderful to photograph.

If you could own a print by any photographer, whose would it be and why?

- Steve McCurry for his beautiful, memorable and powerful imagery.

What has photography taught you about the world?

- That there is so much to see, and that I have a need to see and capture as much as I can.

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Top to bottom: "Ice Rock", "Diamondscape", "Molten Ice" - from "Diamond Beach - Ice Series", by Poppy Hollis