Framing & preserving your print

If you’ve purchased a print from The Woods, you can guarantee it has been produced with the greatest amount of care, from the composition of the image by the photographer, right through to the specific paper choice and the professional printing processes used.

Ensure your print stays flawless by taking the same attention to detail in framing and caring for it. These tips will help:

Avoid handling your artwork unneccesarily. Consider wearing nitrile gloves when handling before it is framed. If your print has borders, handle it only on the borders. If it is printed to the edge please take extra care.

Mount and frame your print with a reputable framer that uses acid free, museum standard materials. Your framer will be able to advise you on different types and styles of frame and mounts to suit your taste, budget and the photograph itself. Feel free to email us if you’ve purchased a print from us and need a custom framer recommendation, or any other advice - we’d be delighted to help.

Avoid hanging your artwork in direct sunlight, over heat sources or in particularly humid environments. Purchase the best quality glazing that you can afford, and consider investing in UV protection if the print is to be hung in a bright environment.

Choose a frame to complement the print, not distract from it - and always choose your frame to suit the print, not your furniture!

When it comes to framing, remember - simple is best.

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