Displaying fine art photography

Once your fine art print is framed, it’s time to display it. You might already have the perfect place in mind, maybe you bought the print to sit in a specific location in your home or as an addition to an existing collection - but if you need some guidance and inspiration, here are a few pointers to keep in mind:

A common mistake is to hang art too high up the wall. As a general guideline, the ideal height of the centre of a picture, if there is nothing below it, is somewhere between 155 and 160cm off the ground, at eye level. If you’re hanging a print above furniture, try hanging it around 10 - 20cm above the top of the furniture, unless it’s slow slung, in which case you can still follow the eye level rule.

When hanging differently sized pieces in a row, align them from the centre rather than the top or bottom.

Mix large and small works in your space - larger pieces act as a focal point for a room, whilst smaller pieces provide intrigue and draw the viewer closer. If you want to display a smaller print alone on a larger wall space, consider choosing a larger frame and wide matt.

Experiment! Before reaching for the hammer, try moving a piece around to test the effect it has in different places within your home. If you're creating a gallery wall, lay the pieces on the floor first to find your perfect composition before hanging anything on the wall.

Ensure the spacing between your prints is even when hanging multiple pieces together, whether creating a salon-style gallery wall or an ordered grid.

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