Dan Wong

Dan Wong is photographer based in London. His documentary style photography spans diverse subjects, from the small details of every day street scenes to portraits of musicians and actors. His work has been published in titles including VICE, Wonderland and Dazed.

When not photographing, he is usually found in a south London dark room, or indulging his love of photo books, which borders on obsessive.

What or who most influences your work?

I can get inspired by just going for a walk with my camera, being out on the street without a goal, or a deadline, or a purpose. But often it’s not that easy! It could just be watching a film like Mulholland Drive or Paris, Texas that can spark an idea for a project.

Describe your photographic style for us in three words

Candid but considered!

Where is the most inspiring place you’ve travelled to and photographed in your career so far?

I love Hong Kong. It’s a beautiful place. Right now it’s going through a period of change, politically and culturally, but there’s also a personal story there. I haven’t quite found the right angle for a project about it - yet. I can’t wait to go back.

If you could own a print by any photographer, whose would it be and why?

“Nuit de Noel” by Malick Sidibé, I think it’s my favourite photograph.  It shows a young couple dancing at a Bamako nightclub. It’s such a tender moment. I saw one of his darkroom prints of it at an art fair a few years ago, but it was way out of my budget! The postcard of it on my bookshelf will have to do for now.

What has photography taught you about the world?

That no matter how far you travel, sometimes the photos you take at home are the most meaningful.

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Top to bottom: "Cactus", "San Andreas Fault" and "Skull Rock" by Dan Wong