Collecting, framing and displaying fine art photography at home

Whether you are interested in beginning a photography collection, or just want to buy a single work of art, photography is a wonderful, accessible contemporary art form spanning many different genres and styles.

Here’s our beginner’s guide to get you started…


Look for limited edition prints above mass produced, open edition pieces. Any limited edition print should be sold with a certificate or label that will work in the same way as a signature and number on the print itself. This is a form of authentication that is important to keep safe along with your print.

Check the condition carefully - avoid photographs which are in poor condition. We take pride in selling prints of the very finest quality at The Woods, and getting them to customers in pristine condition. There should be no scratches, handling marks or changes in colour on contemporary photography. It’s worth bearing in mind that if you are buying a vintage print there may be some wear and tear, up to an acceptable amount for its age.

Check the provenance of the photograph, make sure the seller has authorisation to sell the photographer’s work on their behalf, particularly when buying online.

Most importantly, go with your own personal taste. Buy something because you love looking at it and you won’t go wrong.

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