LS VIII #97, Iceland, 2015 / Luca Tombolini

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LS VIII #97, Iceland, 2015 by Luca Tombolini

Limited edition C Type print on 231gsm Fuji Matt archival photographic paper, from 4x5” negative drum scanned. This paper has a semi-matt finish and a slightly stippled texture, giving a beautiful three dimensional print.


65cm x 81cm, including a 5mm white border. This is an exclusive, limited edition print of 10, sold unframed. Can be printed to the edge on request.

121cm x 151cm, including a 5mm white border. This is an exclusive, limited edition print of 10, sold unframed. Can be printed to the edge on request.

About this print:

LS VIII #97 is part of LS IV to VIII, Spain, Morocco, Croatia, Iceland, 2014-16.

The dawn of mankind, a time with no rationality. An ancestor contemplating the cosmos perceives the necessity of a divinity. The Second Cosmogony takes place along with the miracle of self-thinking consciousness. In that moment he knows he exists for a reason; he's got the significative element and this had found a way to reveal itself to him. Conscious and Unconscious got together in the creation of the Self.

About the artist:

Luca Tombolini was born in 1979 in Milan, Italy. He completed humanistic studies and after that a degree in Sciences of Communication, with a major on rhetoric patterns in Cinema. While studying at University he met with large format photography and started experimenting.

He is self-taught using the medium. He started photographing desert landscapes during long solo adventures following an unconscious desire that he later theorised as a need of a glimpse of a transcendent absolute. Of which nowadays society is more and more becoming oblivious.

He's a reader of C.G.Jung and Buddhist teachings. He explains, “Being alone in those remote areas, it’s a very humbling experience. It helps my mind to create a meditative suspension over the reality I perceive; cultural occurrences fade away leaving an apparent void which I try to fill in with shapes and colours of my photographic play”.


2020, SFO Museum, San Francisco / 2020, IPE 162, Royal Photographic Society, RPH Bristol / 2016, Photographers II, Galleria Ceribelli, Bergamo / 2016, Affordable Art Fair, Love It Art, Hong Kong / 2016, Modern Take, Love It Art, Vancouver / 2015, Foreboding, Sans Oslo, Oslo / 2015, Milano Arte Design, nHow, Milan / 2014, The Plantation Journal, Library of Arts, Paris.

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