LS X #46, New Mexico, USA, 2017 / Luca Tombolini

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LS X #46, New Mexico, USA 2017 by Luca Tombolini

Limited edition C Type print on 231gsm Fuji Matt archival photographic paper, from 4x5” negative drum scanned. This paper has a semi-matt finish and a slightly stippled texture, giving a beautiful three dimensional print.


65cm x 81cm, including a 5mm white border. This is an exclusive, limited edition print of 10, sold unframed. Can be printed to the edge on request.

121cm x 151cm, including a 5mm white border. This is an exclusive, limited edition print of 10, sold unframed. Can be printed to the edge on request.

About this print:

LS X #46 is part of LS X, United States, 2017

The values of our civilisation, that we all take for granted and into which we so deeply live, have little to say if confronted with the general principle of Life we're born from; all knowledge and crafts we've put together so far have absolutely no answers about how and eventually why this living experience has generated, nor can say a thing about what the place we're living in really is.

About the artist:

Luca Tombolini was born in 1979 in Milan, Italy. He completed humanistic studies and after that a degree in Sciences of Communication, with a major on rhetoric patterns in Cinema. While studying at University he met with large format photography and started experimenting.

He is self-taught using the medium. He started photographing desert landscapes during long solo adventures following an unconscious desire that he later theorised as a need of a glimpse of a transcendent absolute. Of which nowadays society is more and more becoming oblivious.

He's a reader of C.G.Jung and Buddhist teachings. He explains, “Being alone in those remote areas, it’s a very humbling experience. It helps my mind to create a meditative suspension over the reality I perceive; cultural occurrences fade away leaving an apparent void which I try to fill in with shapes and colours of my photographic play”.


2020, SFO Museum, San Francisco / 2020, IPE 162, Royal Photographic Society, RPH Bristol / 2016, Photographers II, Galleria Ceribelli, Bergamo / 2016, Affordable Art Fair, Love It Art, Hong Kong / 2016, Modern Take, Love It Art, Vancouver / 2015, Foreboding, Sans Oslo, Oslo / 2015, Milano Arte Design, nHow, Milan / 2014, The Plantation Journal, Library of Arts, Paris.

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